Reviews by our happy customers

“The updates to my connected systems (video game systems, Windows) are very fast! The ping time for online gaming is excellent!”

– Linda

“Airfiber is reliable and offers good speeds. They are very comparable to what you would find in suburban areas. Our family is able to access the internet whenever, even our online courses.”

– Michael

“Airfiber has given us great service! We now actually have dependable internet service that allows us to work from home when needed. We now have the ability to stream movies and game online.

– Jay

“Before Airfiber, we felt like we didn’t live in the modern world. My kids were not able to submit their homework online when needed. Airfiber service has improved our lifestyle because I can now pay bills and check credit card balances. With Airfiber, I now trust the connection when I place an order online or watch a Netflix movie. We feel like we finally live in the modern world.”

– Deepak